Gift Wrap 1.2 in the Android Market

Last minute, hard to wrap, or late present?    Use the Gift Wrap app to give someone a gift on your Android device.   Use Gift Wrap to: Select a picture from your Android gallery, Select a wrapping paper, and then have recipient tap or slide on your screen to unwrap the gift.   It is that simple!    You can even download images in the Android Browser (hold down on the image…select save image) and then use those images in Gift Wrap.   Don’t be caught without a gift when you really need one….

Version 1.2 adds Gift Wrap for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Baby showers, and Weddings to the original Holiday focus.  The gift receiver now unwraps the gift as they tap or slide around on the paper.

Tap Twister 1.3 in the Android Market

A touch screen classic!   Limber up those fingers, it is time to play Tap Twister!  One Player or Two, You are given a flashing row of colored circles and must hold one circle down to gain points and move on to the next color.   Use any finger you want, but plan ahead or you won’t be able to get to the next flashing color.  Game includes 2 circle sizes and high scores tracking.  Note: Requires Android devices with true multi-touch capability.  The apps runs 2 quick tests at the start to ensure you have a great game experience.

Bubblewraplite upgrades and adfree app releases on Android.

The award winning webos BubbleWrapLite app comes to Android and gets even better!   Endless sheets of bubblewrap to pop, includes choices of popping sounds, bubble sizes, whole/partial bubbles and even the ability to pop bubbles by swinging the phone forward.    Enjoy.

Version 1.4 adds:

– Game Mode, How many bubbles can you pop in 45 seconds

– Pop Animation

– Vibrate (Haptic) on Pop

– Improved graphics for Android tablets

Version 1.5 further improves tablet display

Version 1.6 adds High Score tracking for the game mode and tracking of the total number of bubbles popped since the app was installed (how high can you go).

Radar Water Skis for Android

By for Radar Water Skis:

This is a must have app for water ski enthusiasts worldwide.
The Radar Android app will educate, entertain, and enlighten your water ski world.

– Record your waterski sets to create a journal of notes, tracking your progress, and fin changes
– Browse waterski lakes around the country
– Find a local Radar Pro Shop, call, or visit their website
– View 2012 Radar Skis products and watch Radar Videos
– Read The Radar Blog
– Share your thoughts on the Message Forum
– Read about ski design theory at the Radar Lab
– Send a question to the Radar Pro Staff
– See where other Radar App users are around the globe

Calendar weather 2 release and update

Calendar Weather 2 adds the daily weather forecast on your WebOS calendar. Just enter your zip code and select how frequently you want the forecast updated. Calendar Weather 2 uses the WebOS synergy capabilities to put the National Weather Service forecast for your selected zip code as an all day event on your calendar and then keeps it current. Eliminates the need to jump back and forth between apps and sites when you are planning your day or week. Forecasts updates can be hourly, every 4 hours, daily, or manual. Also supports removing all forecast information. United States forecasts only. Calendar Weather 2 is compatible with WebOS versions from 2.0 and up. If you have a 1.4.5 WebOS device, look for the original Calendar Weather app in the catalog.

Speed Gauge 1.2 – Released for the Android Market

Building on the award winning Speed app for webOS.   Speed Gauge has been released on the Android platform.   Featuring the same high-end automotive gauge look as the original”Speed”.   Speed Gauge includes configurable layouts, background, MPH/KPH, and number of decimal places.   Screen shots in our app section.   Version 1.2 added heads up display (HUD) options for all layouts.

Shark Punch 1.0.0 & Shark Punch Lite 1.0.0 – In the Palm Catalog

Tap the Sharks, Octopi, and Squid to defend yourself and the other marine life for points! Each level has a minimum point goal you must reach before you can get to the next level, after that you can breathe easy and rack up more points in your leftover time. If you do happen to hit the other sea creatures or bouys, you’ll lose points. Try to top your personal high score while trying to conquer all 20 levels!