Calendar Weather 1.0.0 – In the Palm App Catalog

A new app from…   Calendar Weather is a unique app that uses Palm Synergy to put the National Weather Service US forecast for your zip code on your calendar.   We wrote this app because we wanted it to have it on our devices.   Make planning your day and week easier when you are not jumping back forth from Calendar to weather apps…..

Speed 1.2.4 – Internatonal language support – In App Catalog

Speed 1.2.4 is in Palm review.   This version includes additional Palm GPS status verification for acquisition and during normal operation.    Basically tells you when the Palm GPS has stopped responding and you need to bounce the app, your settings, or restart your phone….

Also includes French, German, and Spanish support for the app.   Translation assistance,   If you are bi-lingual and see any phrases that need improvement, (or are willing to review a list of phrases), the please send us a note at